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Your skills are our central focus, and developing various dimensions of those skills is our vision. We recruit highly qualified facilitators to achieve the ideal proficiencies your profession demands and your career path requires.


All courses offer a certificate of completion at the end of the classes. We provide an electronic version of the certificate at no additional cost. A printed version will incur an additional fee.

Online Studies

In the future, limited subjects offered by senior instructors will be available for study online. The use of this service will be based on a monthly fee.

Aim of Years Excellence

All of our departments work under the principle of continual improvement to achieve excellence in educating people effectively and professionally.


Courses We Offer

The Power of Concentration

Short Course on Parenting

• Discover factors that enable concentration
• Play a key role in your child’s academic success
• Learn effective methods to extend children’s attention span

Effective Communication with Children

short course on parenting

• Communicate with your child on three unique levels
• Develop a communication style that matches your child
• Support your children by developing their communication skills

Behaviour Management

short course on parenting

  • Learn how to deal with challenging Behaviour
  • Distinguish between various aspects of human behaviour
  • Master seven different tools for managing challenging behaviour

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Why Learn a New Skill at Aseltany?

Build Confidence

Our courses are carefully planned to keep you involved in all stages of the learning process so you gain the confidence you need to implement the knowledge you gain to practice new techniques.

Increase Job Opportunities

Aseltany courses can accelerate your career path by offering high-quality content and learning opportunities.

Access Varying Perspectives

Course authors come from different social and educational backgrounds, diversifying the knowledge and skills offered in our courses.

Become a Better Learner

Aseltany offers courses that discuss aspects of learning. Learning about how you learn, a form of metacognition, can help you access and process content more actively and effectively.

Build Business Communication Skills

Well-honed communication techniques can help you improve your position in an organisation and promote your career. Well-crafted messages can be a key factor in earning a leading place in your field.

Engage with the Community

Some courses allow interaction between trainees. If this feature is enabled in your course, your specific learning community can interact and support each other through the learning process.


Why Learn With Us?


Established by Educational Experts

Aseltany was founded by individuals with strong educational backgrounds in various aspects of teaching and learning. The platform was established to provide highly effective courses based on modern learning psychology.

Located in the Heart of Birmingham, UK

We come from a place of industrial leadership, and we understand the mechanisms of effective teaching.

World Class Educators

Our strength lies in our ability to attract high-quality instructors.

Learn From Home

Online Learning Options

All our courses are offered as online courses. The use of our courses requires internet access at reasonable speed levels.

About US

Our Story

Aseltany is a platform for learning new skills. Learners will benefit from high-quality, interactive online teaching methods.

Applying Online

Your application will be processed online. Please contact us by email or by phone if you do not receive a confirmation email within two days of registering.


Frequently Asked

Q: Are the courses free of charge?
A: You can find some free courses on our websites, but we also offer paid courses.
Q: How long does it take to complete a course?
A: All courses are one-day courses. It takes approximately five hours to finish a course.
Q: Do you provide participants with a certificate of completion at the end of the course?
A: Yes, all the learners will be offered an e-certificate when they complete a course, excluding third-party courses or courses subject to an extra certificate fee.
Q: How long will I have access to the course resources online?
A: Courses have different durations. However, learners will have access to a course for a minimum of three months.
Q: Do courses provide handouts for students?
A: Some courses offer free bonus e-books related to the course topic.

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