Interpersonal Skills
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About the course

This course will help students work towards being that dynamic, charismatic person that just has a way with others, and has a way of being remembered. It will provide communication skills, negotiation techniques, tips on how to make an impact and advice on networking and starting conversations.

What will I learn?

The Course Topics include:

1. Verbal Communication Skills

2. Non-Verbal Communication Skills

3. Making Small Talk and Moving Beyond

4. Moving the Conversation Along

5. Remembering Names

6. Influencing Skills

7. Bringing People to Your Side

8. Sharing Your Opinion

9. Negotiation Basics

10. Making an Impact

Benefits of the course

Course Objectives are as follows:

1. To understand the difference between hearing and listening

2. To know some ways to improve the verbal skills of asking questions and communicating with power

3. To understand what non-verbal communication is and how it can enhance interpersonal relationships

4. To identify the skills needed in starting a conversation, moving a conversation along, and progressing to higher levels of conversation

5. To identify ways of creating a powerful introduction, remembering names, and managing situations when you’ve forgotten someone’s name

6. To understand how seeing the other side, building bridges and giving in without giving up can improve skills in influencing other people

7. To understand how the use of facts and emotions can help bring people to your side

8. To identify ways of sharing one’s opinions constructively

9. To learn tips in preparing for a negotiation, opening a negotiation, bargaining, and closing a negotiation

10. To learn tips in making an impact through powerful first impressions, situation assessment, and being zealous without being offensive

Who is this course for?

Individuals who would like to improve their communication and conversation skills.