Create a Shared Vision

When a new manager is introduced, it is best to create a shared vision with them to help establish what you want to see happen. This will also benefit both parties as they can share what they are hoping to achieve.  The new manager will need the proper support from management to succeed, so it is important to work with them from the beginning.  Speak openly with them and let them know what you want from them.  Let them speak openly with you about what they want and how they plan to get there.  Together, form a vision with realistic goals that you can both work to help the other achieve.  Once a plan has been made, schedule a follow-up meeting to let them know how they are doing and what kinds of progress has been made.


  • Give specific feedback and visions you want to see.
  • Focus on goals and progress the employee can reasonably achieve.
  • Form a plan or outline that can help illustrate how your shared vision can be reached.

Follow-up as periodically.