Talent Management
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About the course

This course teaches students how to recruit, train and retain qualified employees which will provide benefits as it improves the company’s culture. Providing incentive and developing individuals is the difference between engaging people and merely employing them.

What will I learn?

The Course Topics include:

1. Defining Talent

2. Understanding Talent Management

3. Performance Management

4. Talent Reviews

5. Succession & Career Planning

6. Engagement

7. Competency Assessment

8. Coaching, Training & Development

9. Dos and Don’ts

10. Employee Retention

Benefits of the course

Course Objectives are as follows:

1. To define talent and talent management

2. To understand the benefits of talent management

3. To recognize performance management and ways to review talent

4. To identify employee engagement

5. To create assessments and training programs

6. To learn how to improve employee retention

Who is this course for?

Leaders who understand that talent management is essential to the success of any organisation.