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Abdulhakim Saleh

Experienced Trainer

My Story

Since 2002 I delivered a lot of courses, seminars for parents, teachers and experienced staff in different topics like self-awareness, concentration, identity education, behaviour management, effective communication with children after I had earned Masters degree in Educational Science and Psychology from the University of Bonn, Germany.

My recent job as a line manager gave me the opportunity to lead a team of experienced staff to success.

As a former chairman of Verein Zur Förderung von Sprachfertigkeiten e.V. in Germany and Eritrean Professionals in the United Kingdom, I could contribute to the development of the community.

  • Emapathy 80%
  • Time management 85%
  • Team work 80%
  • Future orientation 90%
  • Crousity 92%
  • Active Listening 90%