Personal Productivity

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Most people find that they wish they had more time in a day. This course will show participants how to organize their lives and find those hidden moments. Participants will learn how to establish routines, set goals, create an efficient environment, and use time-honoured planning and organizational tools to maximize their personal productivity.




About the course

This course will teach students how to establish routines, set goals, create an efficient environment and use time-honoured planning and organisational tools to maximise personal productivity. This will show them how to organise their lives and find those moments that would otherwise be wasted.



What will I learn?

The Course Topics include:

1. Setting SMART Goals

2. The Power of Routines

3. Scheduling Yourself

4. Keeping Yourself on Top of Tasks

5. Tackling New Tasks and Projects

6. Using Project Management Techniques

7. Creating a Workspace

8. Organising Files and Folders

9. Managing E-Mail

10. Tackling Procrastination




Benefits of the course

Course Objectives are as follows:

1. To set and evaluate SMART goals

2. To use routines to maximize their productivity

3. To use scheduling tools to make the most of their time

4. To stay on top of their to-do list

5. To start new tasks and projects on the right foot

6. To use basic project management techniques

7. To organize their physical and virtual workspaces for maximum efficiency

8. To retrieve time from e-mail and handheld devices

9. To beat procrastination




Who is this course for?

individuals who want to ensure that they are performing at their very best and are being productive on an individual basis by considering their personal routines when attempting to maximise their productivity.